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General Purpose and Transliteration

The main text font for this site is Gentium Plus (which does not include glyphs for Hebrew). We also include Linux Libertine, Brill, and Charis SIL in our font stack, so if you have any of these fonts installed on your system, all should be well.

What you see: šḇilāʾ, ʾurḥāʾ
What you should see:


It is recommended that the SBL Hebrew font is installed for best results. The Culmus Project produces excellent Hebrew unicode fonts, and Taamey Frank is in our font stack, as is Ezra SIL.

What you see: שִׁבֹּלֶת‎, ישֵׁב הַכְּרוּבִים
What you should see:


Gentium Plus (see above) includes a full and attractive set of Greek characters. We also make use of SBL Greek, and Palatino Linotype which is pre-installed on many Windows systems.

What you see: σχοῖνος, ὁ καθήμενος ἐπὶ τῶν χερουβιν
What you should see:


SAHD articles make limited use of Syriac; currently the display font is set to Estrangelo Edessa, part of the Meltho Syriac Fonts project.

What you see: ܟܪܘܽܒܳܐ
What you should see:
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